3rd party plasmoids and Plasma Next


Starting from today, there is a new category in kde-look.org explicitly for Plasma 5 QML2-based plasmoids.
As it used to be, they can be browsed, installed and uninstalled directly from the “Get new widgets…” option in the Add widget interface.
plasma5 ghns
As you can see, the list is rather empty right now, but I’m looking forward to see the plasmoids published by the community.

7 thoughts on “3rd party plasmoids and Plasma Next

  1. Richard

    OMG still this fugly kde-look.org? When do we finally get rid of this very old and ugly site?

    Aside from this, nice plasmoid and nice to see that GHNS works in P5. 🙂

  2. J Janz

    Great to see things moving on. Can’t wait! Great work, all of you guys!

    In the subject of Plasma5/QML2 plasmoids, are there updated newbie-level tutorials+API docs?


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  4. Arthur


    I am trying to port my plasmoid to Plasma 2, but unfortunately the docs are not so helpful right now. I think for KDE to have as much 3rd party work as possible is to improve to the maximum its docs for themes and widgets, so even newbies in QML can learn and start coding, from the instalation of every tool and depedency.

    The improvement of plasmate to create templates for QML2 and creation of the example widget (like you had in QML1 with all components) would be great too.

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