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chiptunes podcast


I tried to build a podcast (sorry apple, should I have called it audiocast? oh, fuck you) out of the music published on the Beatmasters’ website.
There are no new song ATM, but I liked the perverted idea of marrying a so trendy and pointless thingie like podcasts and a soo retro thing like modules.
Yes, the songs written as xm modules are not converted as mp3, but the podcast will spit the original modules in your face, so you will have to use a player that supports that perversion.
AFAIK winamp should support it out of the box and it should work also on amarok (tested with xine engine, but you should download the song before playing it)

A little bit of history


It was around 1996…
I found attached to a magazine some chiptunes and suddenly i felt in love with that low samplerate squared-waves gems :-). For some while the only thing i did with my good old 486 was listening that mod music.
At that time i was attending a course of piano lessons, i surely wasn’t a little mozart (actually it was a true disaster :-)), but it gave me that minumum know-how that was necassary to sit-down and try to track some modules with the beloved and never too praised FastTracker2(R.I.P.), And i still believe the result wasn’t too awful :-).
Around 1999, two my friens, Fosk and Madafaka have done some modules too, so we said: “ehi, let’s make a group” so the result was “neurlogy”: the collection of the tunes we made that we published on a very ugly website full-of-frames-full-of-flash-full-of-random-colors:-) if you wants to scare yourself go to that old site it’s still more or less online, altough nearly all of the links are broken.
Now there is a little more modern site at www.fosk.it/beatmasters (the one i will mantain up to date).
If i will have some spare time i hope to write again something, so stay tuned 🙂