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Tag cloud


Implemented a tag cloud to this website (and so phpwet) it were years i didn’t touch that crappy cms, but i can confirm my idea that i hate it but it’s the one i hate less 😛

University, PHP and everything


The end of the university is near (or at least the first level: silly italian 3+2). It makes me less depressed than the usual about how i’m chronicaly late with the life. Since i’m a PHP-junkie i was quite lucky having the occasion to write a PHP related thesis.

I will not bore everybody whith the uber-boring thesis argument (a dictionary of legal terms, of course web-based otherwise it would lose the cool factor:), anyway maybe one day when everything will be finished i will publish it here… or not, who knows :)). Writing that thingie has let me learn many small things on what my evil plans for the ultimate website/content manager are.

So be prepared for a long and grammatically poor rant about many trendy buzzwords like PHP, cms, wikis, web 2.0 and world domination 😀



A day spent on hacking around phpWet, now it has wysiwyg html composing with tinymce (a cute little gem, what a pity that doesn’t work with opera or konqueror) and a (still unfinished) modular structure just like the vast majority of the php content managers around there.
wow, i feel happy 🙂

Physics and phpWet


Yesterday i passed my (fortunately)only physics exam (the electromagnetism part), i thought i hated it more, ain’t bad, after all…
btw, i hope i will graduate someday….
On other absolutely-non-relevant news the wonderful phpwet now sould have the archive feature a little bit less broken, so now this site has a news archive! wow 😛

First contents


I’m starting to populate this astonishing website.
today I’ve put a splashscreen(green tribe) i made for kde around uhm.. was june 2002 or around it.
His style is very out but i still like it 🙂