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Update of Polyester 2


Published an updated version of the polyester widget style for Qt4/KDE4. Actually it was a pretty long time i didn’t touch that, but was too lazy to release the last state somewhere 🙂

Now i’m pretty happy with it, it seems to work pretty well, and is good, because i really don’t want to spend much time on it, it has a really high amount of hacks in it and i get bored quickly of things 🙂 however, how does it look? here it is:

Polyester 2

There will still be some updates for the time being, to correct most annoying bugs etc, btw 🙂

First alpha of Polyester2


So I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and release a first alpha of Polyester 2 into the wild 🙂 you can get it here

some veeery important notes:

  • First of all it must be considered a very early alpha quality code not intended for everyday use, it could blow up your computer or eat your cat, use at your own risk 😛
  • as i said is not very stable and probably not all configuration option works
  • at the moment there is only the style, i don’t know if or when i will port the window decoration
  • it can be compiled with cmake (and you will need a kde4 snapshot o do so) typing
     cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=whathever you want
     make install
  • or with qmake (you will need only qt4 with devel package, but you won’t get the configuration dialog)
    in order to use qmake you must go in the style subfolder and type:
     qmake qmake.pro
     make install
  • probably i won’t release another release tarball for quite some time, but if you’re curious there is a bazaar repository at the bazaar repository

KDE4 in a Polyester dress


KDE4 with Polyester2 theme

The Qt4 version of Polyester is coming along nicely, is still too unstable for a first release but i hope an alpha isn’t too far.
Here you can see a KDE4 beta1 screenshot as it appears with the Polyester theme.

As you can see it won’t be exactly identical to Polyester1, because I want to experiment some of the new goodies offered by qt4, so maybe in the future it will be even more aesthetical changes, i don’t know.

If you are impatient to try it there is always the bazaar repository on launchpad.net/polyester

Polyester 2: the mighty future!


I’ve started porting Polyester to qt4/kde4, it has been a nightmare even to get it compiled and it will be a very very big pain in the ass.
Curious to see a very very early screenshot? here it is 🙂

Polyester kde4as you can see at the moment the only things that looks decent are the buttons, the rest is a little bit… aehm 🙂

Polyester 1.0.1


Yeah, it’s alive :). Finally i’ve decided to release a new version of Polyester. it contains only some minor bugfixes, in particular the long-annoying bug with kcompmgr should be gone (sometimes the windows weren’t completely painted).

As usual here you can download it and here it’s the changelog:

-corrected a build problem with automake 2.6+
 -better management of the menu stripe width
 -another hack for gtk-qt: the menu stripe is always off (yeah, it’s a broken solution but it was managed too bad…)
 -when both toolbar separators and menubar emphasis with border are turned on don’t draw an extra line under the menubar
 -when the focus policy is set to “focus follows mouse” the bad flickering should be done (need some testing)
 -corrected a bug that caused the windows not being completely painted when kcompmgr is activated

Tasty Menu and other things


As I said in the previous post I consider Tasty Menu more or less complete respect the goals I had in mind. I probably will do some other releases tweaking here and there.

Probably this will be a better drag and drop support (from the menu to the desktop and from the second/third column to the first), fixing the ton of bugs I surely have introduced right now, maybe I will add a way to clear most used and recent used apps, some more configurability and who knows, to make the search functionality a little bit less painfully slow (/me begins to doubt that I will achieve to do that :P).

I still haven’t decided if there will be a kde4 port, partly because the spare time is always decreasing and mainly because Tasty Menu is very deeply tied to the qt3/kde3 technology. The listview api has totally changed (yeah, i know there is the qt3 support module but it’s so uncool:P)and of course the whole kicker thing is gonna being killed, and the (plasma?) replacement is in the early beginning. So it would be more a total rewrite than a port, so I don’t know if it will be worth the effort.

As I said I haven’t decided yet, so don’t desperate, there is still a little door open 😀

In the next few months I will be totally drown in courses exams and various university stuff, so probably there won’t be much releases of both Tasty Menu and Polyester.

Now I plan to make some more plain bugfix releases for both things (especially Polyester that has been negleted for a long time) and when (or if :P) I will have some more time there probably will be a Tasty Menu 1.0 release and maybe I will start the hyper-procrastinated qt4 port of polyester (and I ffear this also will be a very long work with more rewritting from scratch that I would like to)