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Another tasty release


Tasty Menu 1.0.6 fixes an ugly regression and features a Brazillian portoguese translation by Ewerton de A. Dutra.
As usual you can get it here🙂
I hope it could be the last kde3 release, but yeah, I hoped so for several releases now, there is always something broken 😛

Beware the "Mighty?" 1.0!


Not having spotted particular problems in the rc2, since I’ve received a new (French) translation (thanks to Laurent Hilsz!) I’ve decided to release it as 1.0, you can download it here.

I’m pretty happy how it has come along, of course I will continue to mantain it with bugfixes or translations, but at the moment i consider it more or less “complete”

Maybe some day I will embark in a kde4 port, maybe making it a little Plasma thingie, but since I’m finishing university, uncertain rules, we’ll see 🙂

Tasty Menu 1.0 rc1


Second release in two days 🙂 At this point I consider it pretty much feature complete, at least for KDE3, if there will ever be a kde4 version it will be more or less a total redesign, let’s see…

This release fixes only one bug but probably the most annoying: now the search field should be so much faster that it can be used for real 🙂

Get it while it’s hot 😛

Tasty Menu 0.9


Updated today the poor ol’Tasty Menu, I basically added the last big feature that was missing: drag and drop from the menu to the desktop, and the usual refinements/bugfixes here and there. From now on I think I will only make bugfixes releases, maybe some day will begin to think about a kde4 port, but don’t hold your breath 🙂
Oh, and i’ve made also a little website for it.

The mandatory changelog:

-“Add to desktop” option in menuitems
-Drag and drop from menu to desktop
-Option to set different icons sizes in the three columns
-the button text label should always be of a visible color
-most used/recently used applications list updates in realtime
-clear most used/recently used applications list
-(warning1: deleting one list deletes also the other)
-(warning2: if you use opensuse you must have kickoff reverted to classic kmenu in order to use the recently used/most used lists)
-updated russian and german translations