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New hosting


Today I’ve moved the site hosting to a new provider. It should be way better than the old uber-cheap one. Transition gone pretty well, but the site has been kinda broken for some hours, now all should be back normal again.

I hope to not have lost comments during the DNS transition time.

Hello Planet!


Hello world planet!
First of all thanks Clee for adding me so fast! For those who don’t know me (well, the mayority of you i suppose) i am sometimes a programmer of some kde-related things.
At the moment i am doing some work with Plasma (yes, i’m the one of the infamous click, drag… eject:P)

Other thing i’ve done for kde are the Polye ster kde3/kde4 widget style and Tastymenu, a kmenu replacement for kde3.

I don’t blog very often and my english is very “all your base are belong to us” but well, sometimes i will be here 😀

Tag cloud


Implemented a tag cloud to this website (and so phpwet) it were years i didn’t touch that crappy cms, but i can confirm my idea that i hate it but it’s the one i hate less 😛

Little change


Added a right sidebar with the usual blog-related junk, it still needs some refinements and more testing, at the moment it has been tested only with real browsers, I still haven’t tried it with a certain browser that uhm at the moment I can’t remember its name :P, so consider it a beta, because remember: float:left = troubles 🙂