Tokamak, days 3, 4 and 5


Days at Tokamak are running out very quickly: last days we had a very frenetic activity: for me it was spent mostly around adapting aspects of the Netbook Search and Launch interface for touchscreens. It’s impressive how good it looks already with so little changes of code


Alongside of that, we are designing a different interface for another different kind of devices: smaller mobile devices, as small as smartphones (hello n900 🙂 or various ways on internet tables.

We have here some N900 and 3 little tablet devices lended by Intel (Compal Jax10 with a Moblin image installed on it actually). I must say the Moblin SDK is quite easy to use, I’m pretty happy with it.

It’s really important for us to actually get going on mobile devices, because with our platform as insanely flexible as it is, we can deliver a really coherent user experience across the board, starting from the desktop, going down to the netbook, to little tablets and cellphones.

Almost entirely different UI, but with an impressive amount of code shared between totally different form factors. That’s the beauty of having a clear separation between the logic and the ui, having a rich framework that helps to keep the ui layer as thin as possible.

We’ll also going to expand theming capabilities by offering the possibility for Plasma themes to offer custom animations…

What does it mean? It will be able to customize the user experience a lot, not only with different desktop themes, but also across different devices, where the interaction patterns and different resource constraints.

It will use of course Javascript, for usual requirements of multiplatform deployment without rebuild and more robustness/security/ease of writing.

In the short term what it means? Expect tasty screencasts in the next few days and new cool shiny toys to play and develop with in the next KDE SC releases.

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