Tokamak 4, day one


Arrived yesterday in Nuremberg with the rest of the italian Plasma gang (we wandered half an hour in the -wrong- building in searcch for the hotel reception, quite a surreal experience :p)

Today is the first “real” day, there were a lot of great talks, all of them revolving around our future direction, what’s coming for 4.5 and what’s coming beyond, so expect quite a bit of blog posts about that in those days 😀

I’ve talked abount, surprise surprise, the the Netbook shell 🙂

I’ve talked about some technical details about the various components: what is the different between the Netbook and desktop shells themselved (just the tiny binary), how the search and menu of the Search and Launch interface are done, how is done the new shiny drag and drop, and everything about the newspaper

In brief, for the future, expect a big effort about polishing and bugfixing, to get an experience as smooth as possible (like a cache for the newspaper widgets when the device is offline) and expect some new features, like maybe free resizing of widgets in the newspaper.

2 thoughts on “Tokamak 4, day one

  1. Ruben

    Hi there!

    I’m just a fellow KDE SC user. And I would like all you to enjoy Nuremberg as much or more as I did when I had the opportunity to visit it some years ago.

    I am also very happy to hear that beside implementing more features you are going to give even more polish to small details that at the end of the day provides greater and bigger good feelings and sentations when interacting with KDE SC.

    Viele Spass and Chers!!!

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