Looking back at Tokamak 3


I’m starting this entry on the train on the way home from Tokamak (and finishing it at home). Looking back it was probably the best KDE event I ever been. I’m already missing each one on every person that was there.
>Fisrt of all I want to thank Mario Fux forhosting the event. It was a really big job for him and everything was gone perfectly smootly.
The place was of breathtaking beauty, I didn’t brought a camera myself but you can see from other blog entries on planetkde photos of this beautiful place. Last day we gone at the bottom of the Motterhorn mountain with the cablecar. This mountain is beautiful because it’s an huge block of rock of the exact shape you would expect from a mountain, really makes you remember how tiny human being are on this planet (yeah, sounds clich

5 thoughts on “Looking back at Tokamak 3

  1. kinto

    I can’t wait to discover if the “mistery device” will become a real product sold in some way with plasma as its shell. Is that even on the horizon or am I just dreaming? 🙂

  2. pier

    At least tell us when is planned that you guys can talk freely about the mistery device…

    We must start to save money for it 😉

  3. Anon

    512MB is an unusual amount of RAM in an ARM-based device, and googling for “512MB ARM” yields lots of references to the Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1 (and little). However, some sources report that this device has already been released, which conflicts with Aaron’s “not yet released” statement.

  4. Vamp898

    I use Archlinux on my Netbook with the Plasma Netbook Interface

    My Netbook have 650 MHz and 512 MB Memory and KDE 4.4 with Netbook Interface uses about 100-120mb of memory so enough free memory to run a lot of things =)

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