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Accessibility at Randa


This year the Randa KDE meeting it’s all about Accessibility: a big effort has been concentrated around two very intertwined things: keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
(The fundraising campaign is still going on)
As a first taste, in Plasma 5.11 KRunner will be completely accessible (unfortunately until now screen readers didn’t work at all with it), which is important as is a completely keyboard-focused UI to do things, therefore potentially more user friendly towards vision impaired people.
Orca will be able to read out loud what query has been entered and the currently focused entry, that is what will happen if the user presses the Enter key.
Here it is a screencast of KRunner running with Orca navigating trough the list of result entries.

The Randa platform meeting


Last year, a bunch of KDE hackers gathered together in the little lovely swiss village of Randa in a meeting that was called Platform 11 (actually the third KDE meeting held in Randa).

That quite large meeting turned out to have been one of the most productive ever. Developers from all areas of KDE, from libraries and platforms targeted to other developers to applications (built with those libraries) targeted to end users.

A lot of design and development work happened on the KDE Frameworks 5 happened. This is crucial for the future of the KDE applications and workspaces, because besides porting to the soon to be released Qt5, it will make the KDE libraries much more modular, making easier for any application developer to just cherry pick between the features offered by the the KDE frameworks and use them on any platform without significant dependencies, being Linux, Windows, Mac, Android…

You can help this meeting to happen, as usual the development is done by volunteers, but there are some fixed expenses, like food and travel. There is a fundraising campaign for this on Pledgie, of which we are already at a good point, so yeas, you can make the diffeernce 🙂

Click here to lend your support to: KDE Randa Meetings and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !