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Small mobile update


I’ve been mainly working on polishing the systemtray and the Netbbok stuff lately. Among the other things a massive rework of the Search and launch nterface, but sadly it’s one of those architectural things that opposed to an huge change in the code there is barely anything to see visually 🙂 well, actually there is a new animation effect that i will maybe screencast later, but changes are mainly under the hood.

But this doesn’t mean i did neglet our new born baby: Plasma Mobile

It also had some not easy to see under the hood change, but this made possible to implement what it was just a gray background stub in the last screencast.

As we seen, we have a main view, with the “activities” (there will be useful widgets here like fast updates on social network services, presence on im network, summaries on new messages such as mails and sms and things like that)

Clicking anywhere not occupied by a widget makes the entire screen flip, showing launchers for all installed applications, categorized by the main activities. At the moment what’s it’s showing are results of KRunner queries.

In this video you can see how the thing is already basically working, both the effects, (quite fast already even if there is still a big optimization work to do) and the functionality of the widgets as well of the main launcher

OGG version