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One of the new useful tiny plasmoids that will be available in Plasma 5.5 is one called Activity Pager: you can find it in the kdeplasma-addons package of the release.
How does it look? well, not too exciting and very familiar, and that’s precisely the point:
since people use activities in very different ways, it’s written as an aid for people that use it in a particular way, when the use case partly overlaps with virtual desktops.
It’s built to look like a pager, behave like a pager (including the mini previews of windows) but instead of beng based on the virtual desktop, it’s based on the activity, so each little desktop preview will represent the activity and the windows in it (dragging previews from one activity to another works too).

5 thoughts on “A pager for activities

  1. Sheytan

    Hey! This will be usefull for me. Thanks! 🙂

    But, I’m still missing the Global Menu Bar plasmoid. Will this be ever ported? Please, please, do 🙂

  2. sylvain

    Thanks for the great pager. Very nice work, I like that we can move windows around activities with drag n drop. I will submit a feature request but it seems that the pager follow the arrangements of virtual desktops, it took me a long time to understand it. I use 4 virtual desktops per activities, at the moment 5 activities but it changes depending on the number of on-going projects. I like to have the desktops organized in a 2×2 grid, good for the grid desktop plugin, but I would like the activity pager in nX1 (one line). Is that a planned features? Also the activity pager settings use “desktop” instead of “activities” which is quite confusing.

    Thanks for the hard work and for trying to please everybody.

  3. Daniel Planets

    first of all: thank you so much for this pager, it is very usefull and sort of vital for my use of plasma/kde now that different wallpapers and widgets for virtual desktops have been taken away.
    I’m somewhat puzzled about the ways to config the pager though.
    The number of lines for the activity pager seems to be taken from the settings of the virtual desktop pager, if I set more than one virtualdesktops and set it to 2 lines, the activity pager will switch to 2 lines as well.
    This is not very usefull in praxis.

    The other detail I just cannot figure out is what config defines the order of the activities in the pager. I assumed ~/.config/kactivitymanagerd-switcher, however, editing this to force a specific order did not change anything for me. Like the switcher pulls that info from somewhere else and only posts it there.

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