As I’m writting this right now I’m on the train from Milan to Turin heading back from TokamakMKI, unfortunetely i’m leaving early because an old 3vil exam (oh C.E.Shannon, you know i love you, honey:P)

It’s a shame i hadn’t found time to blog about Tokamak until now, but when you can hack all night long with an overdose of astonishing KDE people (and the even more astonishing our overlordness P-man) the internet suddenly becomes a boring useless toy 😛

In this meeting we managed to literally turn Plasma upside-down, well done his WOCiness Alexis! (light hearted readers are advised against trying to compile today’s svn) and other reeeally cool things like wastly improved javascript plasmoids support, add activities interface, start of an awesome looking krunner redesign as pretty as the new Twitter plasmoid, new applets and oh gosh, I’m too tired right now, I’m forgetting a really big bunch of cool stuff, their respective authors are officially authorized to stab
me to death 😀

I did a lot less than I was hoping but i managed to get movable resized panels (no configuration interface for you today:)) that can be seen in this reeeally crappy-looking screenshot:

center panel, oh yeah

Oh and yeah, as you can see a cashew is grown inside the panel, we’ll grow it with care and love, what’s his purpose? we will be able to configure the panel from just here instead of a losy 90’s looking right mouse button config dialog.

Did I mention that this screenshot looks like utter avariated crap? So i have a little spoiler for you: toghether with the Almighty Nuno we have defined how the panel and a new default Plasma theme (and the aspect not necessarily linked with a theme) will look like, and it will blow away pretty much everything you have seen before on any thing (well except for pink flying elephants of course…)

How it will
look like? not so easy, you’ll still have to suffer quite a bit waiting to see that 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tokamak’d

  1. Joe

    “(light hearted readers are advised against trying to compile today’s svn)”
    Now you tell me. I rebuilt yesterday, and while it all compiled fine, after logging out and logging back in, plasma crashed promptly when loading some of the widgets. I then svn up’d again, and then kdebase wouldn’t compile. Rinse, repeat, every few hours or so until this morning and it finally builds before I have to go to work. Arrg. It would be nice if somehow there was a flag in cmake that could bet set on days like this that would check to see if the I_AM_AWARE_THAT_TODAY_IS_A_REEAAALLLY_BAD_DAY_TO_REBUILD=1 var was set. Or maybe I’m just whining.

  2. gggg

    I have tried to update my svn-checkout and recompiled KDE4. Now the “startkde” script is missing that had been there in former svn-versions. What did change? Do I have to use another script or binary to start KDE4? Or was there a change in svn, so that I am missing a new checkout directory?
    Thanks in advance

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