Systemtray, Plasma Next and GTK


You may have heard that KDE Plasma Next won’t support anymore the old X11,Xembed-based systemtray icons.
(More information here)

Years ago, we developed a nicer, model/view based alternative in which is the shell that actually draws the systemtray icon, allowing better integration with the workspace, it’s a specification that is now shared between KDE and Ubuntu Unity.
All KDE applications use it already, Qt4/Qt5-only application will use it depending on a small patch (and soon Qt5 will do out of the box)

But also GTK has some options: until today I was aware only about the Ubuntu’s appindicator library, but I have just been contacted by the author of another neat library, that can be found here on GitHub.
It’s a very small, few dependencies GObject-based library that allows a GTK3 application to export and control a statusnotifier-based systemtray icon. I just tested it on KDE4 and Plasma Next and seems to work quite well.
So if you have a GTK application that is using a systemtray icon, and you would like the icon to be integrated in the next version of Plasma as well, now you have an option more (and of course, the author will be happy of any patch/bugreport/bugfix).

9 thoughts on “Systemtray, Plasma Next and GTK

    1. Marco Martin Post author

      yes, libappindicator applications should show up fine in KDE and kde application show up correctly in Unity, also apps using this library should show up fine in both Unity and KDE

    1. Marco Martin Post author

      I don’t know for sure.
      As far i know they will still support the old xembed icons for a while but i think they want to deprecate the concept of system tray altogether.

  1. Hannu Valtonen

    On your comment:

    > (and soon Qt5 will do out of the box)

    You’re talking about Qt5.4 right? You wouldn’t happen to have any links handy for the implementation?

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