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Little big cleaning details


Disclaimer: this entry won’t talk about a certain thing happened those days, and I won’t in future entries as well, until there is actually something to talk about.

There is a thing that came to my mind some days ago, when i finally decide to fix a little visual inconsistency that was bugging me since some time.

In the KDE Plasma Workspace 4.7, the clock and keyboard layout indicator will look like this (landed in git earlier this week):

perfect clock text

The style of the systemtray is now much more coherent, all thanks to a quite slight change of look in those two little elements, in the specific, text svg-themed themed like the systray icons (that is by the way usable by everybody since it has been placed in the public plasma api)

A thing that will come for 4.7, is a series of many small improvements of many little pain points, may be either a small missing feature, a fix of a little inconsistency, or, in any case something small, easy to contribute that everyone that is eyeingto start to do some patches can find as an easy entry point.

There are already some heroes that have joined and started to review all shipped plasmoids for some points of behavioural consistence. First step, now, thanks to them in 4.7 all plasmoids will have a working “apply” button in their settings dialog.

You can make the diffrence too 😀