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CampKDE, return


I’m writing the first part of the first entry in Newark airport waiting for the connection (bloody networkmanager, why don’t you want to connect to the free access point?). This night didn’t went to sleep at all, some of us kept watching silly movies until 3am (then farewells and seeya next time, with the usual sweet/bitter taste), when I left for the airport.

First flight pretty tiring and the second one even more massive (long flights and carbon footprint ftw!)

Now that i get home there will still be a list of work that i really hope i will be able to do in time, some last minute refinements and bugfixes of the last minute before the 4.4 release, both in code and assuring all the artwork in plasma is up to the job, so hectic days ahead, yay!

CampKDE, day last


CampKDE is coming to an end, I’m writing this during the last tutorial session, Qt embedded is a quite different beast compared to what we’re used to, but cool stuff indeed

Those days have been pretty intense, many talks and tutorials, too much rain, too much beer, lots of “healthy” american food… so in the end, all good stuff, (except of course for the rain, since i was expecting the sunny California a little bit more well… sunny :p)

Seen several old friends, met some new dudes, too bad i’m about to leave (a plane in the eeearly morning is so much fun :p)

I never really manage to do much hacking on those meetings (much more code done in sprints) but many neat ideas come up for the future, by talking with great skilled people and some whiteboard sessions 😀

Anyways I managed to hack something, a new little block in the Plasma animation framework, (a class to do smooth pixmap based transitions) that will hopefully let us get totally rid of the old animator code and complete the migration by KDE 4.5

campkde, day 2-3


When I’m at KDE events usually I don’t really find time to write that much, by the way, this week I’m in San Diego at CampKDE, we’re now at day 3, the third day of talks, today the lighting talks, together with tutorials and BOFs. All the talks were really interesting, I also gave a talk on the netbook stuff, you can find slides here 🙂 It was probably one of the first important KDE talks i gave and gone pretty well (since all the english still don’t belong to me :p)

I basically talked about what netbooks are now, what they should be and why the situation right now isn’t so happy. This driven us to do something about that, so i described what the principles behind the Plasma Netbook project are and what its components are (i.e. why the shell it’s done the wqy is done, why the Search And Launch and why the at first strange concept of the newspaper thinghie) maybe one of this days i’ll write a longer synopsys of the talk or hmm maybe not 🙂

Then, later in the night, watching all night Chani and Troy attempting to sing Eagles and Sinatra was, hmm, how we could say it… “fascinating” :p