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A little bit of history


It was around 1996…
I found attached to a magazine some chiptunes and suddenly i felt in love with that low samplerate squared-waves gems :-). For some while the only thing i did with my good old 486 was listening that mod music.
At that time i was attending a course of piano lessons, i surely wasn’t a little mozart (actually it was a true disaster :-)), but it gave me that minumum know-how that was necassary to sit-down and try to track some modules with the beloved and never too praised FastTracker2(R.I.P.), And i still believe the result wasn’t too awful :-).
Around 1999, two my friens, Fosk and Madafaka have done some modules too, so we said: “ehi, let’s make a group” so the result was “neurlogy”: the collection of the tunes we made that we published on a very ugly website full-of-frames-full-of-flash-full-of-random-colors:-) if you wants to scare yourself go to that old site it’s still more or less online, altough nearly all of the links are broken.
Now there is a little more modern site at (the one i will mantain up to date).
If i will have some spare time i hope to write again something, so stay tuned πŸ™‚