Getting things back: System Monitor


In Plasma 5.3 some of the things that were lost along the way of the port to Plasma 5 due to the massive architecture change will be back.
Today just got back the system monitor widgets, that helps keeping an eye on the CPU load, disk usage, network traffic and so on.
Along the widgets, a nice reusable component to plot graphs is available to use:

import org.kde.kquickcontrolsaddons 2.0 as KQuickAddons
KQuickAddons.Plotter {
    id: plotter
    dataSets: [
        KQuickAddons.PlotData {
            color: firstcolor
        KQuickAddons.PlotData {
            color: othercolor

Then, (this will vary depending how your data source is implemented) every time a new data set will arrive, you can just do

plotter.addSample([value1, value2]);

You can have as many graphs painted together in the same plotter, depending how many KQuickAddons.PlotData you declare inside the dataSets property.

13 thoughts on “Getting things back: System Monitor

  1. Kjetil Kilhavn

    Nice! You make KDE (and thus the world) better 🙂
    You do so along with a lot of other people of course, but that does not make your contribution any less. After having my share of problems with the transitions to KDE 4 and the “new” KMail my systems have not ben updated to the latest and greatest, but I am getting more and more tempted to give Plasma 5 a try.

  2. sheytan

    Hey! Nice, but please please port the Menu bar plasmoid (File, Edit, Tools, Window, etc). I won’t switch to plasma 5 without this stuff 😀

    1. Thomas Pfeiffer

      Yes, finally! 🙂
      This was one of the things I missed most in Plasma 5 so far. I consult the system monitor quite often, and while systemloadviewer is better than nothing, it doesn’t even come close to System Monitor.
      Thanks for porting it!

  3. Anonymous

    Although that green/blue gradient doesn’t seem like a perfect choice. The HD space usage seem really nicer with only one color IMHO.

  4. MirceaKitsune

    Thank you, that is looking very nice! I use several plasmoids on my KDE4 desktop… including the system monitor, photo frame (slideshow) and RSSNOW. I’m worried that the Framework 5 upgrade might happen before those are ported, and I might lose some of the functionality or effects. Hope the devs get around to most of them before the actual release… cheers and fingers crossed!

  5. Flo

    Hey! Thanks a lot for all your work? Is there a way to deactivate the title e.g. “Network Monitor”? They are taking a lot of space and after two days on your desktop you don’t need them anyway…

  6. suayb

    Thanks for all this works. But when i add any of these to desktop, plasmashell’ cpu using becomes about %10-%15 percent.

    1. Johannes

      I can confirm that. The system monitor plotters consume incredible much cpu power. As soon as I add one of them to my notebook’s desktop, the fan will get active. When I take it away, the fan gets silent.

      → not usable at the moment.

  7. Hervé

    @suayb: I noticed the same issue with Kubuntu 15.04 and Plasma 5.3 beta (from ppa). Someone opened a bug in the KDE bug tracker ()

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