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Just a brief heads up. As you know, from now on the recomended way to write plasmoids will be using QML only, and using the new components api for common widgets such as buttons, sliders etc.

What’s cool about this API is that is as compatible as possible with Symbian and Harmattan(N9/N950), so porting to and from those platforms just became a tad easier (That’s especially important in the perspective of Plasma Active).

The documentation of those components just landed on, and can be seen here.

Other useful resources for QML plasmoids:

A big thanks to everybody that helped writing the documentation, to Antonis that helped with the script for the generator and Allen that helped with the setup of the infrastructure to 🙂

4 thoughts on “Plasma QML documentation

  1. anonymous

    I have seen that the logic of a QML plasmoid is often still written in C++, either using a DataEngine or using imports (the latter is the case for the QML version of Kickoff). Could you say which of the two approaches is the recommended one (if both are acceptable, which is recommended when)?

  2. ben

    While designing applets declaratively using SVG and QML sounds nice, one thing I worry about is making the applets fit in with the system’s color scheme.

    Do you have any solutions for using theme colors with SVGs? I don’t see anything in the docs you linked.

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