mambo et alii


Maybe i will get a new webdesign-related work. Since phpwet is still not ready(and maybe it will never be, for that matters:),we decided to use mambo, it’s quite simple to use, but it doesn’t totally convince me.
Why the hell all these gigantic cms produces crappy html?
btw, the html produced by mambo is less bad than many others(phpnuke, ezpublis, xoops, sorry dudes, but i don’t like them:), but as many others its layout is made by inserting a table for(;;){into another table, into another table, into another table}
Another option was drupal, i must say the html that it generates is absolutely beautiful, but i feel its admin interface(and so, the structure of the underliing databse) very cryptic, but intriguing in some ways. At the moment i didn’t had time to study it more so we had chosen mambo, but i will make furter investigations, to discover if i love it or if i hate it 😀
Back to mambo, i am making a template that should simplify the layout of a mambo generated site a little bit simpler(only a pity that not everything can be themed), i should be able to publish it in a day or two.