New blog


After using for nearly a decade an old custom written little PHP hack (I loved that code since was my child and one of the first used-in-real-world pieces of software, but is time to wave goodbye ;), I finally moved my blog to WordPress, even tough the graphics still looks like it’s straight from the 80’s… I could never change that :p.

Any web link to old posts with the old urls will continue to work for the time being, I believe that we should try to make every Url we are responsible for on the interwebs as stable in time as possible.

A very nice thing about WordPress is that is dead easy to generate from any old legacy system a properly formatted file from which wordpress is able to import all posts and comments, I was quite positively surprised it was literally a 5 minutes thing πŸ˜‰ (just adding a bit more data exported by the old rss feed as WordPress extended tags)

Hopefully, this means I’ll be able to blog more often now (Ah! the optimism :p)